COVID-19 Coronavirus Cleaning Service Los Angeles

Green Cleaning Services company offers environmental sanitization services to counter the coronavirus COVID-19 and guarantee a healthy workplace.

Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic in Los Angeles

Our cleanup and sanitization company responded to the pandemic by facing the problem straight on after its first appearance. Thus, we already had a coronavirus cleaning service for home and businesses when the numbers started to skyrocket.

Our Coronavirus COVID-19 environmental disinfection service in Los Angeles is effective for air disinfection and the healthiness of work environments. Our standardized cleaning protocol minimizes the number of contaminating microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, viruses, and pathogens. However, we also take good care of our customers to let them continue to work and ease any problem or doubt they may have. Thus, our coronavirus cleaning service for business provides many options for entrepreneurs, managers, and employees alike.

COVID-19 Coronavirus cleaning services in Los Angeles

How does our sanitization service work?

The sanitization of the selected environment requires using a disinfectant solution based on hydrogen peroxide stabilized with biocidal action in concentrations greater than 7%. We vaporize throughout the area in aerosol form.

The disinfectant solution:

  • is completely biodegradable
  • is not toxic
  • is not carcinogenic
  • is not corrosive
  • leaves no wet residue
  • does not affect surfaces
  • eliminates cross-contamination problems, which is the contamination of a material or product via another material or product

COVID-19 sanitization and disinfection services in Los Angeles

The sanitization and disinfection system using saturation of the environment is a fast and effective system to be carried out after ordinary COVID-19 cleaning routine with CDC approved and EPA registered industrial-strength disinfectants.

This method guarantees the health of both the buildings and workers, who can re-occupy the rooms after 2-4 hours from the end of the treatment. We do not just minimize the risk but also eliminate it to make your employees feel completely safe from any health biohazard.

Moreover, when it comes to viruses, the application of this method eliminates particular strains such as:

  • Staphylococcus aureus (pathogen)
  • Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (resistant to drugs, chlorine, etc.)
  • Enterobacteriaceae (an indicator of dirt and responsible for intestinal and fecal infections, E. coli, etc.)
  • The bacterial load, which gives a non-specific but general indication of the degree of pollution of the environment
  • Legionella
  • Viruses of other infectious diseases

Taking care of everyone through the use of eco-friendly disinfectants

Our coronavirus cleaning service for the home will cleanse, sanitize, and disinfect every surface. You can trust us to clean every surface and remove impurities and secretions.

Our team of professionals uses high-quality PPE (personal protective equipment) and can work in contaminated environments. Our disinfectants clean any surface or object by eliminating the bacteria and harmful substances present to make it more hygienic. Afterward, we disinfect, that is, we clean more deeply and remove almost 99% of the bacteria present on a surface. But that would leave you with still 1%, so we sanitize the whole environment after cleaning your home. Through mechanical actions and specific cleaning products, we remove any threat.

We prioritize your health and safety to protect anyone you love and care for. We will eradicate any possibility of infection to leave you with the utmost certainty that your home and workplace are the most secure places around.

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