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Residential Cleaning

Having a clean home to come to is always nice. Most of our clients enjoy the day that we come in, knowing they are coming home to a lovely clean home that is to their standards. We offer custom cleaning services, not just weekly cleaning. If you need cleaning for a particular project, give us a call. Green cleaning services Los Angeles is there to help you.

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Commercial Cleaning Services

We also have available commercial green cleaning services in Los Angeles. Yes, we clean all types of commercial buildings and understand the level of care needed, as well as the work that is involved. Commercial buildings may have several different people coming-in on any one day. We perform professional eco-friendly cleaning services in Los Angeles for a variety of businesses. If you have an office building, factory, or retail outlet, we can keep your building looking fabulous. We also work with restaurant owners to ensure their restaurants and kitchens are adequately maintained, using our green cleaning services in Los Angeles.  

special event cleaning services

Special Event Cleaning Service

Are you planning to have a party or special event at your home or place of business? Planning a graduation or retirement party can be exciting, yet it can also be overwhelming. We help people by coming in and giving your home or the area a good cleaning. We want you to enjoy your party and not worry about the cobwebs in the corners. It is crucial that you give and leave a good impression on your guests by having a lovely clean floor and home. If you have special instructions or maybe all you need is your windows cleaned, we can help with that.

Life gets busy sometimes, but having a clean home to come to is a beautiful feeling. If you don’t have time to clean yourself, let us help. You could use that free time to rest, enjoy your time with family or prepare for that mini-vacation. We can handle the cleaning, so you have time to take care of more important things.

COVID-19 cleaning services

Coronavirus Cleaning Service

Our COVID-19 environmental disinfection service is effective for air disinfection and the healthiness of work environments. Our standardized cleaning protocol minimizes the number of contaminating microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, viruses, and pathogens.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services in Los Angeles

Our eco-friendly cleaning services Los Angeles are essential to home and business owners. After all, you live and work in the buildings that we clean, and using harmful chemicals isn’t a great option. We offer green cleaning services that are environmentally friendly and safe for you and your loved ones.

Have you gotten a new apartment or home?
We offer move-in and move-out cleaning services that will freshen up your new place and clean out the old. Once you have moved and are moving on, it is hard sometimes to take that step back and clean out the old place. Not a problem. We have a cleaning service that can take care of that for you.

When it comes to cleaning, you need to have it done professionally and adequately. You want your home or business to have that fresh, clean look when we leave. We will clean the floors, windows, countertops, toilets, showers, and more. We want all surfaces to look their very best and exceed your expectations.


Rental Property Cleanings

At green cleaning services Los Angeles, we take the time to understand your expectations and needs. We work with our clients to maintain their properties by adding additional services from time to time as they see fit. For example, we can clean the front of your kitchen cabinets or deep clean your rugs. These specialized services may not be needed each time we visit but as an as-need basis. We work with you to get what you need to be cleaned, done on time. Our adequately trained crews understand green cleaning services techniques.

Do you run apartment complexes, or maybe you have rentals yourself?
We can clean these as needed. We work with landlords and property managers to ensure that their properties get proper cleaning between tenants. Hiring a professional service, such as ours, will make the process that much more straightforward. You know what to expect and can count on us every time. It is far less costly to have an outside cleaning crew than to try to keep them on staff. Give us a call, and we can get your properties into our weekly schedule as needed.

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Answering Questions regarding our green cleaning services in L.A.

Have questions regarding our green cleaning services in Los Angeles? Call! We are happy to discuss our policies and procedures. Or maybe you aren’t sure if we can help you, we are simply a phone call away. We work with people to help them clean away their problems. Should you need exterior cleaning, we can do that as well. Let’s take away all the built-up dirt and grime your home has accumulated and get it clean again.

Trying to balance school, work, and a busy lifestyle can mean that you don’t have time to scrub your bathroom and get it to the level of cleanliness you’d like. Not a problem. Imagine going to work, coming home to find a clean home. Everything is in tip-top condition. When you have a clean house, it is easier to relax after a long day in the office. We understand your worries, that’s why eco-friendly cleaning services in Los Angeles are top-notch.

a Break
from Cleaning!

Your time is precious, and you aren’t getting any more of it. Why waste your time cleaning your home and being a slave to it? Have our professional staff come and clean it, while you do focus on more important things; these things are entirely up to you.  

We offer cleaning services that are eco friendly because we care about the environment. The use of non-toxic, natural products is essential to us. We love pets, but pets can be messy creatures. We will clean up after your pet, sweep away pet hair, and even clean its furniture. Pets make our home special; however, someone needs to clean up after them, why not us? 

Give us a call and let's get you started on a cleaner home or business today!