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Deep Cleaning Services

The cleaning of residential or commercial properties must necessarily meet the highest hygiene and disinfection requirements. Our company specializes in sanitation and deep cleaning services in Los Angeles.


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Eco-friendly deep cleaning service for your home or workplace in Los Angeles

Our highly competent and well-trained staff will carry out any cleaning demands. One of the main sectors our company has dedicated itself to with great passion, and maximum competence, is residential cleaning. We can handle any unexpected event with absolute professionalism, even by changing our cleaning plan if necessary.

Residential customers can count on our green deep cleaning service to maintain the highest level of safety. The use of eco-friendly cleaning products provides a non-toxic alternative to standard deep cleaning methods that may leave unwanted residue for loved ones.

Sanitation is carried out with the most exceptional attention to preserve the health and safety of your house, family members, and pets. Our green cleaning service follows a specially devised deep cleaning protocol to meet our customer’s different needs.

Los Angeles Deep Cleaning Services

What does our deep cleaning service include?

In this list, you can read some of our sanitary cleaning services. We are available for daily or periodic requests in Los Angeles and any extraordinary or one-time service.

  • Thorough environmental cleaning and guaranteed disinfection of each open room with suitable and specific eco-friendly cleaning products (i.e., cleaning and disinfection of apartments, offices, common areas in commercial rentals, kitchens, bathrooms, and, if necessary, also of outdoor areas)
  • Removal of debris and cleaning of closed rooms and other areas such as closets, archives, or warehouses, to be carried out manually or with professional machinery (e.g., washer dryer, vacuum cleaner, polishers, etc.)
  • Removal of trash and cleaning of any floors in hallways and rooms, even in carpets or valuable materials, to be carried out manually or with professional machinery (e.g., washer-dryer, vacuum cleaner, polishers, etc.)
  • Dusting, cleaning, and sterilization of surfaces and all furnishings (such as chairs, wardrobes, desks, laboratory benches, equipped walls, etc.)
  • Protective treatments, sterilization, and handrail cleaning, but we also clean plates, frames, pictures, etc.
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of telephones, intercoms, computers, videos, keyboards, printers, and monitors with appropriate sanitizing and sterilizing products
  • Disinfection of sanitary appliances

We take care of any customer’s living space by performing additional requests. Your safety is our first and foremost goal.

Order professional disinfection of premises using eco-friendly cleaning products that meet EPA’s standards for use against the Covid-19 coronavirus.

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